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  • The Stink Without a Secret - Craig Murray

    The Stink Without a Secret 506 3 Jul, 2017 in Uncategorized by craig After six solid months of co-ordinated allegation from the mainstream media allied to the leadership of state security institutions, not one single scrap of

  • Michael J. Totten: April 2006 Archives

    Not compared with Baghdad, for sure, but definitely compared with Egypt, Lebanon, and Northern Iraq. I felt better every time I saw it painted on walls. Know Hope. Those two simple words are so much more poignant in a place like

  • Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal: March 2008

    the Iraq War has become so PC, so cluttered, so trigger-shy five years into the war, that any round fired – no separating scrap metal from human remains. We’d be out looking for the other insurgent right now, but we can’

  • Smart Economy

    A Forum for discussing emerging smart discoveries and emerging technologies with built-in intelligence or embedded smarts, as well as the new cognitive skills needed to succeed in the smart economy. T

  • MAC: USA [999]

    over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill 2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount 2016-07-14 USA: Life in its metal, flagrant manipulation exposed 2012-05-29 Mining companies don't seem bothered by being corrupt 2012-05-29

  • Welcome to the . E-Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 7 – February 9, 2007

    flew nearly $12 billion in shrink-wrapped $100 bills into Iraq, then Electrical wires have been a popular target for scrap metal thieves and there NEW WAY FOR TAXMAN TO GRAB YOUR CASH When you have a job that issues you

  • Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 03/13/09 – Anderson Cooper 360 -

    Mister Obama says he plans to scrap the policy, but he’s already getting and Grab, Story of the Pink Panthers 'Stand Your Ground' didn't work for Heavy Metal Haters Beware of these cancer charity rip-offs RidicuList .

  • Benjamin Fulford: Last minute offensive by US criminal regime will fai

    oil grab in central Asia. The countries of the world have also decided not to finance this monstrous regime any holders of mining stocks , scrap gold/silver and jewelery will be annihilated …like a thief in the night .

  • Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq - The New York Times -

    exploiting Iraq's most obvious surplus -- its shattered infrastructure. But those efforts faltered. A project to export scrap metal fell apart after When venturing outside the Green Zone, employees would grab weapons and climb 뉴욕타임스

  • MAC: Philippines [969]

    capital land grab connections 2009-07-10 Philippines: Lepanto - Shattering its Own Myth of Safe and Responsible Mining 2009-06-22 World Day against Child Labour adresses mining 2009-06-08 Philippines: Charter change might lead


    in Iraq, July (sic) 30th? KARZAI: The major lesson in Afghanistan was that the Afghan people wanted change from of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to up-armor our vehicles? DONALD RUMSFELD, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: As CNN .

  • Eyewitness to War Volume II

    Fallujah, Battle of, Fallujah, Iraq, 2004. 2. Unifi ed operations (Military science) 3. United States. Army--History--21st century. 4. Iraq War, 2003 in Iraq and, in early November, was sent over to Marine Regimental Combat

  • The Oil Drum | Wendesday Open Thread 2

    Well first off, all the generals have learned the lesson of Iraq, which is Iraq and Kuwait on one side. On the Other side you have Pakistan and I would bring armor across from Iraq, and then bring light armor across the


    like Iraq, Syria and Libya getting off the hook, several Sephardi in Iraq in 1914, who left behind factories and a house when he moved to London to Iraq or lose their nationality and their property. Although I had extensive

  • Years of the Beast | Heavy Metal Music | Entertainment (General)

    Heavy Metal Painkillers Guitar - Tab Book - Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time Heavy Metal. He is currently a regular contributor to the hallowed pages of Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Record Collector and Metal Maniacs, and has

  • Vol 1323 Magnets and miracles - BartCop's most recent rants

    By some estimates, at least 100 semitrailers loaded with what is billed as Iraqi scrap metal are streaming each day into Jordan, just one of six countries that share a border with Iraq. American officials say sensitive

  • Jaks View from Vancouver

    However, after the events of the last few weeks in Iraq, it bears watching again. posted by total at 6:06 AM Stern -- takes aim at the US-UK policy in Iraq We do think that through lack of planning and through a

  • Theresa May: 'ISIS fighters could slip back into Europe' | Daily Mail

    with metal detectors at the Camp Taji in Iraq The Prime Minister, whose first visit to a war zone had been kept Glammed up middle-aged women scrap in a bar in Rampaging bull kicks man running alongside it Site Web 데일리 메일

  • MAC: Copper [1030]

    Copper Copper has 2808 articles 2019-07-11 Vedanta resorts to South Africa over Zambian divorce 2019-07-11 Late Week Essay: A mountain that will not bow down to corporate loot 2019-07-05 Philippines: Locals Barricade Against


    OF IRAQ IRELAND ISRAEL ITALY JAMAICA JAPAN JORDAN KAZAKHSTAN KENYA KOREA, REPUBLIC OF KUWAIT LATVIA LEBANON as scrap metal. The persons who purchased the two packages opened them and broke open the shielded containers, thereby

  • Survey of 2006 Senate campaign websites

    Tom Martin: Return to precious metal standard; end Federal reserve. Bruce Guthrie: Balanced Budget Amendment is unfortunately needed. Mike Bouchard: Federal tax-and-spend is out of control & costs jobs. Christine O`Donnell