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  • US4406195A - Quick-release tool assembly - Google Patents

    tool assembly formed essentially of a basic tool holder and a tool head in which a cutting tool--such as a drill or a cutting insert--is immobilized and which is coupled to the basic tool holder by a cylindrical fitting and

  • US5794713A - Universal hub assembly - Google Patents

    Patents Sign In Universal hub assembly Abstract A hub that has universal a tractor (not shown) and includes an implement frame 14, a seeder shank 6 illustrates yet another embodiment of this invention whereby attachment of

  • US7997218B2 - Soil strip assembly for seed drill row unit - Google Pat

    SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The disclosed soil strip assembly for attachment to a seed drill row unit includes a In operation, the tool bar 50 extends laterally behind a tractor (not shown) or other suitable farm machinery

  • Tractor | Wiki | Everipedia

    Three-point hitches and quick hitches A modern 4-wheel drive farm tractor in Faizabad in India The drawbar system was virtually the exclusive method of attaching implements (other than direct attachment to the tractor) before

  • US5622229A - Harrow bar assembly - Google Patents

    high tractor speeds; tending to skip along the ground. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION What is required is a harrow drawbar assembly which improves the of attachment means is used. This bent bolt form of attachment consists of a

  • US6843325B2 - Operator actuated electro-mechanical drag mat lift assem

    lift assembly Abstract An operator actuated electro-mechanical drag mat The positioning of the drill holes will vary depending upon the manufacture cable attachment US3031208A 1962-04-24 Universal tractor hitch US3613802A

  • Heavy Machinery Attachment Parts for sale | eBay - Ebay Australia

    Hole Drill Bits Woodworking Spiral Auger Bits BS AU $ Free postage 04 postage MAHINDRA TRACTOR STABILIZER SWAY CHECK CHAIN ASSEMBLY (single Machinery Attachment Parts Heavy Machinery Attachment Parts Got one to sell? Ebay Australia

  • tractor. Archives | Engineering For Change

    Tag: tractor. Latest Comments I am very interested to try this processor in my country as we also have a huge It is just a assembly job. We are basically doing the BUYING the Cells from someone. If we can build that core

  • US7753134B1 - Coulter assembly - Google Patents

    Patents Sign In Coulter assembly Abstract A coulter assembly is provided a tractor, via a mounting bracket secured to a rigid frame of the In this manner, the bracket 64 will serve as an effective attachment point for the

  • WheelHorse 810200R1 Rear Bagger Kit for B Series Tractors | Mower | Tr

    Drill Mounting Holes -1- If the seat support does not have holes for the Keep in mind that the tractor is made longer and wider when this attachment is installed, With the top assembly in the open position, slip so be sure

  • tractor with loader - Wholesale tractor with loader

    9- C220 Original Cummins Engine Assembly Assy For Roller,Paver,Tractor,Drill,Loader,Backhoe,Digger Brand Name loaders -tractor with loader backhoe attachment -small farm tractor with loader -tractor with loader for sale -small

  • US4380853A - Tool mount assembly method - Google Patents

    Patents Sign In Tool mount assembly method Abstract A torsion bar disk This preloading may be accomplished by attaching a preloading attachment 80 1985-12-11 Tractor draft sensing apparatus US3010744A 1961-11-28 Tractor

  • Tractor - New World Encyclopedia

    the tractor may have blowtorch cylinders strapped to its sides and a pneumatic drill air compressor permanently fastened over its power take-offThe front assembly may be a removable attachment or permanently mounted. Often

  • Craftsman Garden Tractor Manual | Tractor | Lawn Mower

    IC ELECTRIC START _ DECK 5 TRANSAXLE LAWN TRACTOR , = Assembly Operation Maintenance Service and Adjustment YOUR TRACTOR ATTACHMENT CLUTCH LEVER: Push lever upto engage attachment. There will be an engine hesitation as the

  • B62D 53 - Tractor-trailer combinations; Road trains - Patents Sitemap

    Patents for B62D 53 - Tractor-trailer combinations; Road trains (6,277) 11 trailer attachment assembly and center deck elevation system 11/17/2010 CN101879918A Drill rod and drilling tool semi-trailer 11/10/2010 Google

  • Seeding Equipment | 1520 Integral Drill | John Deere US

    572 m (15 ft) - BA32568 Grass seed attachment - (15-ft) drill and 254-mm (. and 10-in.) row spacing - BA32565 Opener assembly Deere Tractor & Engine Museum World Headquarters For the Kids United States John Deere US | Prod

  • US Patent for Multiple pipe installation backfilling, and compaction a

    compaction attachment 1 includes trenching assembly 49 pivotably attached at pivot 51 to tractor extension 3 fixedly disposed at the rear of tractor Trenching assembly Horizontal directional drill Skip to: Description

  • Mini Dozer Info 1967 | Tractor | Lawn Mower

    After assembly of the kit, it provides its own- adapted to the Mini-Dozer, further information on spe- er with a tractor of outstanding Forming a contin- Mower attachment makes short work of the toughest lawns uous wide tread

  • US4515224A - Seed drill with improved seed disc means - Google Patents

    a tractor or the like (not shown) whereby the apparatus 10 may be moved Each seed disc assembly 42 is disposed in a trailing relation with respect Grain-drill attachment US1817851A * 1930-02-25 1931-08-04 William M Shelton

  • milling-attachment - definition and meaning

    cross-references (1) Cross-references planer milling-attachment reverse bench-drill verification air attache barbell dimpled chad dimple target tractor-trailer low on-hanger arytenoid cartilage biomethylation sleek ratlines

  • US8011440B2 - Precision hoe opener assembly with adjustable packer whe

    The precision hoe opener assembly 10 is mounted to the tractor support via mounting brackets 24. In the present context, the precision hoe opener assembly 10 may also be referred to as an opener assembly, a hoe opener, a row unit