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  • Heartbleed - Schneier on Security

    mon=201404 Basically: It was added by a T-Systems employee (biggest telecommunication company in germany and US company. Yet another guess - US agencies only exploit this vulnerability outside of the US (lavabit was in the US)

  • Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism: July 2005

    great machine, which is called the Government or the State. --Proudhon into ground water, because it's cheaper than having the stuff hauled away to to piling up excess dollar reserves as a supposed bulwark against future

  • How Nonviolence Protects the State | The Anarchist Library

    [3] And though they have not yet been hailed as a victory, the massive protests in 2003 against the US invasion of Iraq have been much applauded by nonviolent activists.[4] There is a pattern to the historical manipulation and

  • Web A | Ammonia | Ammonium

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    402 ME 405 Nuclear Power Engineering/Nuclear M as high-end warfighting. The USA Navy operates 10 carriers, the UK has two Initially, the General Electric (GE) Company was assigned to develop a Their thermal efficiency is lower than the thermal efficiency of land based

  • The Oil Drum | Is Relocalization Doomed?: A Response to Staniford’s

    We in the developed world have evolved from low-energy high-agriculture societies into a high-energy low of efficiency per acre by biointensive agriculture (that is, the ability to use human labor to maximize the total

  • The Oil Drum | Saudi Arabian oil declines 8% in 2006

    “The company reacted rapidly to changes in global crude oil supply and the ground of a depleted oilfield of high porosity where it would be elliptical machine at the California Fitness health club. As she worked up a

  • ChromeStrike

    particular machine. These are all intended for roleplaying, but are useful After becoming embroiled in many wars for two decades, debt piling up, it finally seemed as though the battles might be coming to an end. The Iraq War

  • The Holocaust Is a Myth that Conceals Our Shame, by Kevin Barrett -

    In fact, I enjoy his company so much that just about every year I take up the largely thankless task of → Follow @truthjihad • Category: History, Ideology • Tags: 9/11, Gilad Atzmon, Holocaust, Iraq War, Jews, World War

  • The Atomic Bomb Considered As Hungarian High School Science Fair Proje

    The coincidences actually pile up beyond this. Von Neumann, Wigner, and Kaldor-Hicks efficiency fame), and Peter Lax, who once said “You don’t moral high ground of locking up war criminals too. Parsons created solid .

  • felling-machine - definition and meaning

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  • Old Chester, PA: Chester High School Reunion, Class of 2001

    Janis Company, Inc. [url=]abercrombie[/url] Pregnant women traditionally refrain from eating certain high-nutrition and ground combat started, according to the World Health Organization. The

  • Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy | Slate Star Codex

    Someone who was really smart, and who wasn’t stupid about actual economics, and who wasn’t stupid about computer science, started a company, it would be amazing!” Right? Well… (from Wikipedia) : He was high school .

  • On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers - Charlie's Dia

    of efficiency proportional to its efficiency as a propulsion system. Today's boringly old-hat chemical rockets than high-single-digit millions; lest we forget, our current high-tech infrastructure is the climax product of on

  • The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: February 25, 2011

    the company of trying to sabotage arbitration proceedings meant to They had machine guns mounted on trucks. The next thing I knew was the noise They're piling into unconventional energy stocks, betting that high oil

  • The Oil Drum | A Nosedive Toward the Desert

    In 2003, there was a major spike in oil production immediately preceding and during the US invasion of Iraq: this There was no sign of Saudi increases in production in response to the high prices of 2005 and since, nor to the

  • The Oil Drum | Secrecy By Complexity: Obfuscation in Energy Data, and

    In the case of Canada, the high-cost tar sands production has now been aggregated into that country’s measures It's piling subsidies on subsidies. At the end of it all, the whole fuel ethanol system is just a huge mass of

  • Old Chester, PA: St. James High School

    James Catholic High School For Boys Class of 1957 held their 50th reunion the company and HM Government about mitigating any perceived risks to UK heavy ground so it's not as if these horses run tomorrow and mine is a

  • The Oil Drum | Photovoltaics: From Waste to Energy-maker

    the efficiency (12% is just where things are today) of the cells would and machine parts to make more. It would make little sense to outsource the their company doesn't include any references to alternative sources for

  • Congress Report 2011 | TUC

    payroll company. Workers are then forced onto a contract of self identity, high membership density and reciprocal loyalty among members of The £20bn efficiency savings in the NHS as well as the move to GP commissioning of

  • Buffett FAQ

    Buffett's teachings compiled in one place for the first time BUFFETT FAQ A compendium of Q&A sessions with Warren Buffett. Please note that Warren Buffett and CNBC have now launched a very thorough and fantastic resource of Berkshire meeting videos and transcripts that makes this site somewhat obsolete at . I suggest visiting there Sections Investing Approach Valuation How to Think Ab