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  • Full text of Sir Samuel Ferguson in the Ireland of his day

    He made numberless friends in Ferguson's house. His manly and noble character, his candour, his frank, affec- 4 HENRY WINTERBOTHAM, . tionate, and courteous bearing, attracted all who came in contact with him, and made them

  • Suriname in WW II

    The 'mofo koranti', rumours among the people street, says some fanatic nazi's were among them. In fact the Brother Community still was governed from Hernnhut in Germany, where count Von Zinzendorf founded the movement in the 18th

  • People by Last Names: S

    242 AD Joe Sacco Cartoonist Palestine 02-Oct-1960 - Nicola Sacco Anarchist Daniel S. Sanders Business ExxonMobil Chemical Co. c. 1939 - Deion Sanders Football Played in both NFL and MLB 09-Aug-1967 - Erin Sanders Actor Quinn

  • Food Timeline: food history research service

    Food Timeline: food history reference & research service Food Timeline Indexalpha, subject & site search water & ice ---------------- salt ---------------- oysters , scallops , mussels & mollusks ---------------- squid, calamari & octopus ---------------- insects ---------------- fish & frogs ---------------- mushrooms & greens ---------------- bear , venison & horsemeat ---------------- eggs & marrow

  • Black Well] the Origins of War - Violence in Prehistory - Guilaine & Z

    existed in prehistory. Keeley’s excellent work entitled War Before Civilization adopts a similar comparative approach, focusing upon prehistoric, ethnographic, and state societies. This is substantiated with stat- istical

  • Full text of In camp and cabin; mining life and adventure, in Califor

    Shenstone Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from University of Toronto Bidweirs Echoes of the Past Steele's In Camp and Cabin HOS €f)e %akt^iht €ia

  • With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq 2003 No Greater Friend No Worse E

    The Development of Amphibious Tactics in the . Navy. General Holland M. Smith, USMC (Ret). 1992. 89 pp. James Guthrie Harbord, 1866-1947, Register of His Personal Papers. Lieutenant Colonel Merrill L. Bartlett, USMC. 1995. 47

  • Collapse of neoliberal ideology in 2008 will in 40-50 years lead to th

    America’s Financial Oligarchy Inverted Totalitarism Disaster capitalism de-industrialization in the USA and offshoring of factories to Asia hit manufacturing. I wonder if oil can serve as the grave digger of neoliberalism

  • NetRhythms: A to Z Album and Gig reviews

    She's in equally powerful protest mood on the funky dance mojo working R&B streaked Working For The Government addresses that age-old money-laundering enterprise called war, stomping the groove like a Cree version of Tina

  • Claims Filed Under the Foreign Claims Act by Civilians in Afghanistan

    In a sworn witness statement, a . Army Officer wrote that he fired on the Iraqi because “we have been in Iraq for over a month and I have never seen a vehicle try to run pass [sic] a Bradley.” First the officer fired at

  • Why The Female “Anti-Feminist” Is A Feminist In Disguise

    Most shitty jobs are done by men (99 % of boiler makers and oil drillers who’s really in charge. 0 0 2 years ago Guest Demonica Perduta Offline we’ll wait by the watering hole behind a rock and wait for women tobend

  • Living my life - Emma Goldman

    “the Minkin sisters will no doubt also be there.” For one who had just come away from the monotony of a provincial town like Rochester and whose nerves were on edge from a night’s trip in a stuffy car, the noise and turmoil

  • Razing Rafah: Mass Home Demolitions in the Gaza Strip

    for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) based mostly on assessments by its social workers. UNRWA 62 mm bullet in Rafah costs . $7 (a figure also cited by the IDF as evidence of their success in blocking arms). Both

  • Embedded: The Australian Red Cross in the Second World War

    8 Society’s role in the development of Australian military capability, public governance and popular culture. This thesis utilises archival material in Australia and Switzerland in unprecedented ways. A framework pioneered by

  • 'A Wonderful Setting for the Tragedy': the First World War drawings of

    sketches in oil, as well as many pencil sketches of the troops he met. He was greatly taken by the beauty of Palestine. 'These sand-hills take on shapes the digger an ideal death far removed from the reality of trench warfare Google Arts & Cultur

  • UK Indymedia - Rossport Solidarity

    Digger diving | In memory of Ogoni 9 | Community protests at Shell's The Hole Truth 11-07-2010 13:17 As SchNews reports from the new Rossport Israel-Palestine: Israel Indymedia | Palestine Indymedia Oaxaca:Chiapas Indymedia

  • Iran's new strategy to counter . military strike. | Page 4 | Defenc

    Aussie Digger Guest Viktor said: ↑ I agree US has formidable ASM What was the small hole penetration in the side armour of the M1A1 that was It is apparently doing so in Lebanon and Palestine, so it's quite obvious that

  • Full text of My Twenty Five Years In China

    but the fact remains that for a considerable period during America's participation in World War I the United States possessed on the broad Pacific no important ships of any kind except a few naval vessels. II So Is THE ASTOR

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  • Theory and Practice in Late Antique Archaeology | Archaeology | Late A

    S. J. B. Barnish The trans- formation of classical cities and the Pirenne debate in JRA 2 (1987) 385-402. introduction xiv seriously to take texts into consideration. However, there is also a large area where the two traditions

  • CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Animals in the Bible

    Safely to step upon its body, or even linger by the hole where it coils scribe's error, might be identified with the kite, dã'ah, of Leviticus 11:14. The buzzard, three species of which exist in Palestine, has always been