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  • [NHMS 087] Iain Gardner, Jason D. BeDuhn, Paul Dilley Mani at the Cour

    There are major problems in terms of reconstructing the codices to their orig- inal formats, even when leaves have been conserved and glassed, and where inventory records exist. Just for example, there is no record of the

  • Full text of The Popular science monthly

    to grapple with that work if he knows some- thing of its genetic history I fixed types, and a recent origin of the universe, lay at the bottom of them all, and that it was in the light of those doctrines that the world and

  • Full text of The Mining engineer

    643 44 The Probability of Finding Workable Seams of Coal in the Carboniferous Limestone or Bernician Formation, beneath the Regular Coal-measures of Northumberland and Durham, with an Account of a recent Deep Boring made, in

  • Full text of A history of the frozen meat trade, an account of the de

    to grapple with the new position created by the Strathleven shipment, the merchants and bankers in London applying themselves to the most important part of the whole trade marketing the meat deserve recognition in the printed

  • Full text of The book of Jack London

    I call him Jack, not because close acquaintanceship would permit, but because I believe all the world thinks of him in that intimate way. He was n t a man to be Mistered. * This second meeting was at the box office of the West

  • Wallace, A. R. 1905. My life: A record of events and opinions. London:

    It is a remarkable thing that this very simple preliminary misunderstanding of the very meaning of the term species continued to appear year after year in most of the criticisms of the theory of natural selection. It was put

  • Full text of Woman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary

    One said: I'm in favor of it, but don't put that in, for my husband forbids it. This is the only Woman-Afraid-of-Her-Husband disclosed in the entire editorial correspondence. In a few cases the record on the suffrage question

  • Full text of Swahili-English dictionary

    from, to, at, by, with, in, out of, for, against, about, &c. Only the sympathetic interpretation referred to above can determine the choice rightly in many cases. Obs. the Passive of the Ap. form is often used as the Passive of

  • Full text of A naval encyclopædia: comprising a dictionary of nautic

    Boutine of Duty in a Man-of-war. Sea. Ship. Sound. Stewart, Charles, Commodore . Wilkes, Charles, Bear-Admiral . BELKNAP, GEORGE E., Captain . Deep-sea Sounding. Navy-yard, Pensacola. BLACK, C. H., Lieutenant

  • Full text of The Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society

    — Change of Coat in the Common Palm Squirrel — An Appeal. B}- R. C. Wroughton, . C. — Two new forms oi the Funamlndus tristriatus (Gvoivgi). By R. C. Wroughton and Winifred M. Davison. D. — On the Genus Tadarida

  • Full text of The History of Kingswood School: Together with Registers

    Plot— Scrap-plates — Games — Monitors — Pocket-money — Walks — Books — Enter- tainments ^ The ground made choice of was in the middle of the wood, between the Tendon and Bath roads, not far from that called

  • Full text of Merchant prince of Boston : Colonel . Perkins, 1764-1

    Al- most opposite where it came out on Brattle stood the barracks used by the Fourteenth Regiment, the old Sugar House buildings called Mur- ray's Barracks in derision of the loyalist owner. Opposite Murray's Barracks lived Dr.

  • Full text of The Cambridge modern history;

    68 Lack of union in the nobility. The middle class .69 The cities and their population. The bourgeoisie 60 Their grievances. The peasants 61 Serfdom. Peasant proprietors. Metayers 62 Condition of the peasantry 63

  • Old Chester, PA: Notre Dame High School Reunion, Class of 1964

    *Important* Please do not set a bookmark to this page in your favorites. Due to the problem of automated spam As a result, the political process has become cynical and distrustful, and the types of compromises necessary for

  • Full text of The Worlds Parliament Of Religions Vol II

    - - Pages 882-888 THE INCARNATION OF GOD IN CHRIST. By the Rev. JULIAN K. SMYTH, Boston Highlands. - ----- Pages 890-893 ORTHODOX SOUTHERN BUDDHISM. By the Right Rev. H. SUMANGALA, High Priest of the Southern Buddhist Church of

  • Rev. William J. Simmons, 1849-1890. Men of Mark: Eminent, Progressive

    Lawyer--Minister Resident and Consul-General--Charge de Affaires--President of the ia Normal and Collegiate Institute--Formerly Dean and Professor of Law in Howard University . . . . . 510 CHAPTER LXX. REV. WILLIAM H.

  • Full text of The dictionary of national biography : founded in 1882 b

    as there is also of every British ambassador in Berlin between the wars and of all but one of those in Paris. The volume commemorates too the rise of the Royal Air Force, its early days marked by men such as Burnett, Gossage

  • Full text of Webster's high school dictionary; a dictionary of the En

    The radical or initial element, somewhat widened, is the exceptional soimd of a in many, any, Tbames; and of at in said, again, against. See § 13. § 2. A, ft : a modification of the preceding vowel in syllables without accent

  • List of Amc | United Kingdom | Canada

    NUMBER of and in to a was '' `` is for -rrb-lrbon as with by 's he that at from it his an are were which be this distribution types prison singles something reason polish sun double candidate adopted multiple travel steel

  • Full text of France 1815 To The Present

    In 1806 the Code de Procedure put the practice in all of the courts of France on a uniform basis. In 1807 the commercial code regularized the law of commercial and industrial associations, bills of exchange, bank- ruptcies, and


    DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Working Paper Industrialization, Exports and the Developmental State in Africa: The Case 23 Figure 8: Government Decision Tree on Types of Ownership. .