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  • Full text of History of the Norwegian people in America

    Of the French, 55 per cent have a dark complexion ; of the Italians, 78 per cent are dark. The Norwegians are physically as well as otherwise a strong and hardy race. A Hardy Norseman, Edna Lyell calls her 20 Norwegian People

  • French

    The word pile /pil/ is also a more informal way of saying prcise (exactly, sharp). Listen to the l'heure & la date : l'emploi du temps mp3 and try the cloze (fill-in-theblank) exercise from French Listening Resources. 17. FAMILY

  • Full text of Verba nominalia; or, Words derived from proper names

    so called from having been used in a French poem on the life of Alexanderthe French, whose tragedies are generally composed of Alexandrine. See The name of a French pear ; a corruption of Damoudet, the name by which it is

  • United States Department of the Interior

    ENCLOS United States Department of the Interior . Fish and Wildlife Service Arizona Ecological Services Office 2321 West Royal Palm Road, Suite 103 Phoenix, Arizona 85021-4951 Telephone: (602) 242-0210 FAX: (602) 242-2513 In Reply

  • Full text of Woman's share in primitive culture

    the French and German. The editor is particularly glad that the series Among the Guiana Indians, says Im Thurn, an excel- lent observer, there is 9 we could throw ourselves down on a pile of caribou skins and smoke our

  • The Origins of Contemporary France: The Modern Regime, vol. I - Online

    The machine of the year viii, applied to us for three generations, has shaped and fixed us as we are, for good or the French invasion, amidst mountain rides on horseback, nocturnal surprises, and volleys of

  • Full text of France 1815 To The Present

    War, embargo, and the natural conservatism of the French bourgeoisie had prevented the steam engine and the [3] FRANCE AT END OF NAPOLEONIC WARS machine from crossing the Channel to revolutionize French urban life. The Paris of

  • User:Matthias Buchmeier/en-fr-t

    processing machine) :: tabulatrice {f} tachistoscope {n} (device) coin) :: pile {f} tail {n} (slang for the phallus) :: queue tailback {n} (a take French leave {v} (take French leave) :: filer à l’anglaise [to take

  • Full text of Timehri

    K, 'J) , V, 1 - X BRITISH GUIANA. Editors Joseph J. Nunan, ., Crossley Rayner The Indigenous Ritbber Trees of British Guiana,.. F. ACourtenay Coles Education in British Guiana, Part I, A. A. Thome Among My

  • Full text of The Coldstream Guards

    Coldstream only to be summoned by the drill-sergeants early next morning on to an improvised barrack-square and finding themselves within a few hours capable of mounting a parade that would do them credit at Wellington Barracks. It is

  • User:Matthias Buchmeier/fi-en-r

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  • Full text of Brazil in 1911

    Discovery and First Settlement The Capitanias, and Struggles with the French, British, Spanish and Dutch Invaders Dutch Guiana, to Chuy on the boundary line of Uru- guay. The number of degrees from north to south are about 37


    Drill and Ceremonies for Field Artillery.Based on the latest official publications. Added are McGlachlin, Captain Fox Conner and Lieutenant William Bryden, which wrote the famous 1916 Drill Regulations for Field

  • Full text of Cornish characters and strange events

    Full text of Cornish characters and strange events See other formats GHARAGTBRS AND STRANGE BVBJNfrS BOUGHT WITH THE INCOME FROM THE SAGE ENDOWMENT FUND THE GIFT OF Henrg W. Sage 1891 Cornell University Library DA 3

  • Full text of Proceedings


  • Modern Gunsmith v1 Howe

    Arms Comp any , [be Cleveland Twist Drill Company, Hendey Machine Company, Pratt &; '' Company, All these 'friends have been generous with their. hard-acquired information, and. if shall always be their debtors. In other

  • closing-machine - definition and meaning

    powdering-machine milling-attachment steek nearby splitting-saw fan pulper drilling-machine breaker serging inspect connive program shaper swift loom pile fly-table canter belt-shifter balancing-machine cutter-grinder

  • Full text of Official catalogue of the New-York exhibition of the ind

    British Colonies: — British Guiana 186 Newfoundland 188 Prince Edward's Island : 190 11. Sweden and Norway 190 12. Mexico 191 18. Turkey 192 14. Hiyti 192 ASSOCIATION €f Jibttien td % |nkstrj of all Jfatimw, ORGANIZED IN NEW

  • close-plane - definition and meaning

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  • french_english__dictionary_for_chemists | Acetato | Género gramatical

    Guardar french_english__dictionary_for_chemists para más tarde Insertar German, French, Dutch, Russian 1985 Cambridge International Dictionary of 2 French Workbook A Primer on Writing Business Letters (Femme S. Writer

  • Hmong Oral History Project Interviews - Concordia St. Paul

    If all of it did not burn away, we would have to go and pick up the remains and put it in a pile and burn it. We The planes contained weapons such as M-60 machine guns. They asked us to use a 60mm mortar smoke round to shoot