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  • Full text of History of the people of the Netherlands;

    Amid this trouble of years in some provinces many an eye was turned to the young heir of the traditions of the house of Orange. He was sixteen years old in August, 1703, had finished his studies at Utrecht, and now took part in


    In the force structure and budget debates, arguments are made over the types of forces and technology that will best prepare us for future uncertainty. In the field, current operations have led to a vigorous reconsider- ation of

  • Full text of History of the USSR: The Era of Socialism

    USSR Era So 1 from the Second RSDLP Congress onwards Lenin’s supporters who were revolutionaries and who received the majority of votes in the elections to die Party’s leading organs, began to be called Bolsheviks (majority men), while

  • The state of the Internet in Cuba, January 2011

    [3] Only Belize, Bolivia, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Surinam trail Cuba in Internet users per capita, and Table 6 shows content and activity limitations at various types of access location as reported by an anonymous

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  • Full text of Pioneers of science in America; sketches of their lives

    on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is but, in view of the expense of a college education, and the mean living many so educated were afterward able to

  • THE YEAR IN TRADE 2008 -

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  • Bhagwati--In Defense of Globalization | Globalization | Free Trade

    It sets out a persuasive case in favor of globalization. And because of Mr. Bhagwati's impeccable credentials, there is a better chance his book will be given a fair hearing than might be the case with some other authors. Put

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  • The role of science, technology and innovation in ensuring food securi

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