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City of Rocks, New Mexico

Pre-historic volcanic rock formations create this unusual gathering of other worldly beings: boulder spirits.


The boulders speak to you with their facial expressions, and demand a quiet presence.

 Camping among the rocks …


Looking for a suitable place to paint after waking.

Found a collection of green

nestled in the rock.


In the other direction, broad vistas of the gorgeous New Mexico sky and junipers dotting the land



Time for some refreshment after a hard day’s work…chile and


tamales, vino…

Pena Blanca Lake

Spending the day at this remote location near the Mexican border offered the opportunity to record morning and afternoon light in an oil sketch and a pastel drawing.


View of Pena Blanca Lake, a lake stocked with fish and popular with local picnickers.
Beginning of oil sketch.
Finished oil sketch.

In the afternoon there were some lovely high vistas which made for a dramatic view of boulders and water.


High view of Pena Blanca Lake.
Resulting pastel drawing on clayboard, 12 x 10".

Another beautiful day in southern Arizona!