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Sweetwater Trail, Saguaro Nat’l Park


Park lands in the western states are being threatened on a daily basis. The natural beauty and stark intensity of desert lands just aren’t important to some people in power. The land is seen as valuable only in terms of what it can give up for money: mining, uranium, rooftops.

Close to my home are the Tucson Mountains, and the Sweetwater Trail, which still has National Park status, but lots of new rooftops dotting the pristine hills. I had a free day and went to walk the washes and animal trails just off the main human trail. Found a spot to set up and do an oil sketch.


It was so peaceful, yes warm because it has been the warmest recorded temps for this time of year, regardless of what some might say. But no snakes! Just coyotes howling a little in the distance and some birds rustling about.


Stormy Vortex in Sedona

The storm over Cathedral Rock comes closer in at 1:00 pm. The sky darkens.


Before too long it’s time to skate along the side of the meadow to Oak Creek at the base.


The water roils and churns, inspiring, the slabs of red rock lay flat.


We dodge under some gentle oaks and watch the rain on the creek.


After some time we walk slowly back to the meadows as the sun comes back out again.


And start another sketch, this time in oil. The spirit of the ancestors has wound its way around.